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Political Studies

Library Guide for Political Studies

U.S.A Election Resouces

Video: Electoral College Introduction

Step 5: Electoral College. in Electing the president: Six steps to the summit [Video file]. (2012). Retrieved from

Background Information

Books are helpful when:

  • You need a broad overview of a topic.  Example: Elections.
  • You need an in-depth look of a topic. Example: A biography of Barack Obama.

Books may not be as helpful when:

  • The topic is very recent.  Books take a long time to get written and published.  Example: 2016 US Elections
  • You have a fairly narrow topic. Example: If you are writing on the second debate between Turmp and Clinton, you may not find an entire book on that earthquake. 

Statistics & Data: Previous Elections

Trends and Polls

Searching Social Media Sites

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