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A guide to library research resources of interest to students and faculty in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Studies.

Maths & Stats - Handbooks


CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae Ref. QA 47 M315 1996

Logarithmic Trigonometrical Tables to Eight Decimal Places Ref. QA 55 B313 1970

CRC Handbook of Tables for Probability and Statistics Ref. QA 276.25 B48


Mathematics - Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics  Ref. QA 5 W45  1999

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics  Ref. QA 5 N513

Mathematics Dictionary  Ref. QA 5 J33 1992

Words of Mathematics: An Etymological Dictionary of Mathematical Terms Used in English ... the Origins of Over 1500 Mathematical Terms  Ref. QA 5 S38 1994


Statistics - Dictionaries

Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology : A Nontechnical Guide for the Social Sciences  Ref. HA 17 V 64 2005

Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms (International Statistical Institute)  Ref. HA 17 K4 2003

Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics  Ref. QA  276.15 E84 1998



Notable Women in Mathematics: A Biographical Dictionary  Ref. QA 28 N68 1998

Notable Mathematicians from Ancient Times to the Present  Ref. QA 28 N66 1968

Dictionary of Scientific Biography   Ref. Q 141 D5 1991

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