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July 13, 2011 - We have received several reports of users being unable to search their attachments. We are working with RefWorks US to troubleshoot this, and will post all updates here.

Adding Attachments

Schools decide individually whether to allow their users to add attachments to their citations. If you would like this feature activated on your campus, contact your local RefWorks administrator.

To add an attachment to a citation, click the Edit button next to the appropriate citation.

Browse to the attachment, and click Add attachment

The attachment will upload, and should be immediately available. Now click Save Reference.


The attachment should appear and be downloadable from within the citation and from the One Line bar.

RefWork's default search option is to not search attachments. If you want to search your attachments, make sure you've selected the paperclip next to the search box (this does not search the full-text of the attachment).

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Creative Commons License

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