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  • Open to all undergraduate students at Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Honours theses or projects are not eligible
  • Two categories:
    • Category A: student with 7.5 units of credit or less, from ANY institution
    • Category B: student with more than 7.5 units of credit

For further information on submissions call 902-457-6205 or email

Library Award Winners 2017

We are pleased to announce this year's Library award winners:

MSVU Introduction to Research Library Award (Category A - sponsored by the Library)

Jenna Stewart for her paper entitled
Naming in Inuit Communities: The Attack on Tradition with the Goal of Assimilation

Sister Francis deSales Endowed Award (Category B - sponsored by the MSVU Alumnae Association)
Maya Fillmore for her paper entitled
Peace, War, and a Cup of Tea: A Deconstruction of Imperial “Othering” in Opium-Ridden China

The Library Awards

The Mount Saint Vincent University Library promotes two annual awards.  Each award comes with a cash prize.

The amount of the 2017 awards are $345 each. 

These awards are available to undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding research skills in using information and resources located in, or accessible from, the Mount Library when completing a research assignment for course credit during the 12-month period preceding the deadline.

Application Procedure

Application procedure

Please email all documents in PDF format to Tanja Harrison, University Librarian, at on or before the February 27, 2017 deadline.

Documentation required

  1. Completed submission form
  2. A single clean copy of your paper (no instructor's comments or grades).
  3. A research log written according to the guidelines found with the submission form: a list of the research materials, a description of search strategies and research tools used, and an indication of the importance of the research process for completing the assignment.
  4. A copy of the course outline and/or assignment with an indication of the paper's final grade. Scans will be accepted for assignments or course outlines distributed only in print by instructors.

Collaborative / Group Research Assignments

When the assignment submitted is a collaborative effort it must be submitted under the names of all participants. Each participant must submit a research log detailing her/his contribution to the assignment. If the paper is selected by the panel, the Library Award will be divided equally among the participants.

About the Library Awards

Category A: MSVU Introduction to Library Research Award

The Mount Saint Vincent University Introduction to Library Research Award is awarded annually to a novice researcher, i.e. an undergraduate student at MSVU who has completed no more than 7.5 units or less at MSVU (or another post-secondary institution) and demonstrates outstanding research skills in using information and resources located in, or accessible from, the MSVU Library when completing a research paper for credit at the Mount. Annotated bibliographies are also eligible for this award.

Category B: Sister Francis de Sales Endowed Award

The Sister Francis de Sales Endowed Award is awarded annually by the Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association in memory of Sister Francis de Sales, who served as Librarian for 25 years and was instrumental in rebuilding the Mount Library after the fire of 1951 and in the establishment of the MacDonald Rare Book Room. The Sister Francis de Sales Endowed Award is awarded to a senior undergraduate student who has completed more than 7.5 units and who demonstrates outstanding research skills in using information and resources located in, or accessible from, the MSVU Library when completing a research paper for course credit at the Mount.

Background and Criteria

The adjudication committee normally consists of professional librarians and a library assistant. The committee may seek advice from a member of the teaching faculty who has a subject background related to the paper under consideration. The research assignments will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Research Methodology/Process outlined in the Research Log: an evaluation based on the range of sources used (breadth, depth and appropriateness of print and/or electronic indexes, abstracts, and bibliographies), evidence of consultation with professional reference staff in the Library, evidence of learning the research process, efficiency of research.
  • Quality of Paper: correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and the clear, accurate and consistent use of an appropriate citation style (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA).
  • Content: synthesis of the topic, organization and flow, and the appropriate and thorough use of research material. Evidence that the paper has met the requirements set by the course instructor.

The committee reserves the right to not to offer the award in any given year. The quality of research must be deemed sufficiently high by the panel of judges for applications to be considered. Should submissions in a given year fall short of these standards, or fail to meet the guidelines, no awards will be given.

The decision of the panel is final. The award will be presented by the University Librarian or her designate.

2017 Library Awards


Friday, March 3, 2017

Selection and Presentation of Awards:

Winners of the award will be notified by March 10.

Awards will be presented at the annual Academic Awards ceremony.

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