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MLA Citation Style


RefWorks allows you to create a personal database that manages all of your research.  RefWorks allows you to import references from MSVU online article databases, and enter the selected records into your RefWorks database. 

When writing research papers, you will be able to choose from various citation styles, and RefWorks will partially format a bibliography based on the references in your database.

Please note: You must check your RefWorks generated bibliography for accuracy. Refworks does some of the work for you but to ensure that your bibliography is correct, you must double-check using a style guide.

You will need to create an account the first time you use RefWorks. Accounts can also be created to share with others for group projects; you can have as many accounts set up as you wish.

The Getting started with RefWorks LibGuide includes guides, instructions, tutorials and off-campus access.

Click here to Launch RefWorks (current account holders).

Need More Help?

For additional assistance with citation styles, consult your professor or reference staff at the Mount Library. 

You can reach the Library by email: or by phoning 457-6250.  Please note: library staff will help you as much as possible but they may also refer you back to your professor.

Additional MLA Resources

Additional information on MLA style may be found at these websites:

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