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RefWorks: guides, instructions, tutorials

Importing PubMed articles using RefGrab-It

  1. Download RefGrab-It as directed in the RefGrab-It section of this guide.
  2. Conduct your search in PubMed and review your results.
  3. When you have decided which articles you wish to send to RefWorks, click on the RefGrab-It bookmark in your browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome).


  1. The RefGrab-It window will open on top of your PubMed Results.
  2. Do Not Select the option for The Web Page. This will cite the results webpage. It will not have any information about the articles on the PubMed results page.
  3. Click on the + sign next to Other References to see the options for selecting the articles on your results page.

  1. Choose the article(s) you wish to import by selecting the checkbox on the left of the article title.
  2. When you have selected all the articles you wish to import, click on the Import to RefWorks button at the top of the RefGrab-It window.

  1. RefWorks will open in a new tab.  Note: sometimes the new browser tab is not at the front and you may need to click on it.
  2. You may need to login to your RefWorks account again.
  3. Once you are logged into RefWorks the Import References window will show.
  4. Click on View Last Imported Folder.

Please check your references to ensure that they are correct.

Importing from PubMed using a text file

1) Conduct your search, and mark the records you wish to export in the left-hand column. Select "Send To" in the top right, and select "File" as your destination. Your format should be "MEDLINE." Click "Create File."


2) Save your file to your desktop.


3) Log into RefWorks. Click "References" (top, left side of screen) and select "Import."


4) Under "Import Filter/Data Source," select "NLM PubMed." Under "Database" select "PubMed." Select "Browse" to locate your file. Select your file and click "Open." Click "Import."

5) Click "View Last Imported Folder" to locate your reference.




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Creative Commons License

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