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APA Citation Style

Working with Foreign Language Materials

Foreign Language Materials - Latin-based scripts

Type of material: Book
Original language: Italian

In-text citation

(Molinari & Labella, 2007)

Reference list

Molinari, E., & Labella, A. (2007). Psicologia clinica: Dialoghi e confronti [Clinical psychology: Dialogue and confrontation]. Milan: Springer.


  • Book/article titles and names written in Latin-based scripts (French, Spanish, German, etc.) can be cited with only minor adjustments.
  • Provide a translation of the title in square brackets. Do not translate names written in Latin-based scripts.
  • Note: be mindful of grammatical rules in other languages. German, for example, capitalizes all nouns.

Foreign Language Materials - Non-Latin Scripts

Type of material: Book
Original language: Arabic

In-text citation

(Najm, 1966)

Reference list

Najm, Y. (1966). Al-qissah fi al-adab Al-Arabi al-hadith [The novel in modern Arabic literature]. Beirut: Dar Al-Thaqafah.


  • Titles and names written in non-Latin scripts (Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc.) must be transliterated before translating and citing. If you are uncomfortable transliterating material yourself, don't guess -- get help!
  • Titles should be transliterated and translated into English.
  • Names should be transliterated (not translated) and arranged in "Western" order, e.g., ordered by surname in reference list.

Foreign Language Materials - Journals

Type of material: Website
Original language: Japanese
Corporate author: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan) (外務省)

In-text citation

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1997)

Reference list

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (1997, June 12). Peru jiken chosa iinkai no hokoku ni tsuite no Ikeda Gaimu Daijin no kishakaiken [Press interview with Foreign Minister Ikeda on the report of the investigation committee on the Peru Incident]. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Retrieved from index.html


  • When citing a foreign language journal, transliterate if necessary
  • Do not translate foreign journal titles into English

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