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Social Economy Guide

co-operatives, community-based businesses, non-profits, social enterprise, teaching, voluntary sector

Online - Definitions & Thesauri


The resources that follow will provide definitions of many terms related to the Social Economy. As well, you can locate other dictionaries by searching the Novanet (MSVU) catalogue for the SUBJECT: Economics ‑ Dictionaries

Subject terms

Below are keywords and subject terms (standardized vocabulary) to consider using when you are searching databases, catalogues or print indices for information. Standardized subject vocabulary can be used in the subject field of the Novanet Catalogue to find materials classified under a specific subject heading. These searches are narrower and more specific.

Keywords can be used in the keyword field of the Novanet Catalogue and allow you to search using words that are not part of a standardized vocabulary. Searches are broader and more flexible.

Both subject terms and keywords can be used to search the internet or electronic databases. Note that language is culturally and geographically determined: keywords may vary between Canada, the US and Britain, etc. These terms are examples of words or concepts that are pertinent to the Social Economy discipline.

Subject Terms/Keywords                                          
Subject Terms/Keywords               
Associations Economic democracy
Charities Friendly societies
Civil Society Mutualism
Collective-enterprise Not-for-profit
Community-based entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship
Community development Social enterprises
Community sector
Social economy
Community services Social responsibility
Co-operatives Third Sector
Co-operative movement Voluntary Sector



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