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Examples of footnotes/endnotes for print sources

First, Full Reference


Book, one author (14.75)

      1. Max Plowman, An Introduction to the Study of Blake (London: Gollancz, 1982), 32.

Book, two or three authors or editors (14.76)

      2. Dana Carleton Munro and Raymond James Songtag, eds., The Middle Ages, 395-1500, rev. ed., Century
Historical Series (New York and London: Century, 1928), 69.

Book Chapter, Forward, Preface, etc. (14.112)

      3. Norwald Torrington, “Following the Path to the Left,” in Whither Tomorrow? ed. Montgomery Abelson, 11-12
(Tulsa: Wizmer Bros., 1994).

Scholarly Journal Article (14.175)

      4. Janice Potter, “Patriarchy and Paternalism: the Case of the Eastern Ontario Loyalist Women,” Ontario History
81, 1 (March 1989): 17.

      5. Jane Errington, "‘Women . . . is a Very Interesting Creature’: Some Women’s Experiences in Early Upper
Canada,” Historic Kingston, 38 (1990): 18.

Magazines and Newspapers (14.199, 14.203)

      6. Bob Levine and Rae Corelli, “The Tracks of History,” Maclean’s, 6 July 1992, 18.

      7. Jane Smith, “Folk Tales of Acadia,” Halifax Herald, 26 July 1949, sec. A, p. 4.

Canadian Government Document (14.305-14.308)

      8. Canada, House of Commons Debates (3 June 2000), p. 7904 (Mrs. Lalonde, MP).

      9. Canada Wildlife Act, RSC 1985, c. W-9, s. 1.

Archival Documents, Manuscripts and Unpublished Material (14.224-14.242)

      10. Mary James to Celia Johnston, 14 and 30 July 1916, Johnston Letters, Acadian Women’s Collection, Nova
Scotia Public Archives.

      11. Nancy Delayen, “The Fabian Society and Eugenics, 1885-1914" (MA thesis, University of Saskatchewan,
1998), 57.

Encyclopedia or Dictionary Article (14.247)

Well-known reference books are usually not cited in reference lists, but are cited within the text. When they are cited in
notes, the facts of publication (place of publication, date and publisher) are usually omitted. The edition, if not the first,
must be specified.

      12. Encyclopedia Americana, 1963 ed., s.v. “Sitting Bull.”

      * Note: s.v. is from the Latin sub verbo meaning “under the word”.

Subsequent Shortened References

Use for a previously cited work that does not immediately precede the current citation. Include the author’s last name, title
(or shortened title) and page number when required. (14.14) 

Book  (14.14)

      19. Plowman, Study of Blake, 125.

Journal  (14.14)

      20. Backhouse, "Married Women’s Property Law,” 212.

Government Document  (14.14)

      21. Journals, 1852-53, Part I, 2-3.

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