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Examples of footnotes/endnotes for electronic sources

First, Full Reference


Downloaded ebooks (14.166)

        1. Doug Abbott. Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications, 3rd ed. (Burlington: Newnes, 2012), EPUB e-book, chap. 3.


Ebooks accessed online (14.167)

         10. Doug Abbot, Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications. 3rd ed. (Burlingrton: Newnes, 2012), chap 3,                       

         13. Dmitry Korzun and Andrei Gurtov, Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems: Fundamentals of Hierarchical Organization,
      Routing, Scaling, and Security (New York: Springer, 2013), chap 2, doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-5483-0.


Website (14.245)

      13."Food and Nutrition,"Health Canada, last modified November 2, 2012,

Newspaper Website (14.203)

         15. Sherri Borden Colley, "St. F.X. to Make Offer to Profs." Chronicle Herald, February 4, 2013,

Full-Text Article from an online database, i.e., Academic Search Premier (14.184)

      16. Nicholas Orme, “Child's Play in Medieval England,” History Today 51, no. 10 (2001): 49, (accessed 17 December 2002).

Online dictionaries and encyclopedias (14.248)

      17. Wikipedia, s.v. "David Gilmour," last modified January 30, 2013,

The following example is from the Chicago Manual of Style Online (14.248):

      21.  Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, s.v. “Sibelius, Jean,” accessed July 19, 2008,

Video Recording  (14.278-14.280)

      18. No Time For Tears: Vietnam, the Women Who Served, directed by Elizabeth Bouiss (West
 End Film Production, 1993), DVD.

Subsequent Shortened References

Use for a previously cited work that does not immediately precede the current citation. Include the author’s last name, title
(or shortened title) and page number when required.

Downloaded ebooks (14.166)

      8. Abbott, Linux, chap 4.

Ebooks accessed online (14.167)

      12. Abbott, Linux, chap 4.

      17. Korzun and Gurtov, Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems, chap 5.

Need More Help?

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You can reach the Library by email:  Please note: The Library will help you as much as possible but they may also refer you back to your professor.