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Frequently used ebook collections (subscription-based: you will be asked to login)

Welcome to ebooks

Ebooks come in many forms and formats.  Ebooks available through the Mount Library can be used online, or can be read offline by downloading to a computer or to an e-reader.

  • Online reading allows for unlimited access and any notes you create will be saved with your login account.
  • Downloaded ebooks are only available to you for the specified loan periods. The length offered will depend on the publisher/provider.
    • Downloaded ebooks and any notes you have made cannot be opened or read on your device once the loan period is over.
    • You will need to download the book again if you wish to renew your loan.
    • We suggest using downloaded books if you are going to be without an internet connection, otherwise online reading is recommended.
  • Some new publications are only available as electronic resources, while others may be available as an ebook and a physical copy.  

While you can request physical resources from libraries within the Novanet consortium, it is not possible to request ebooks or other electronic resources.  

Speak with a Librarian if you would like assistance finding and accessing resources.

More ebook collections

Most public libraries carry a large selection of ebooks.

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