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Student Seminar / Break-Out Rooms



  • To book a Student Seminar / Break-Out Room, you must have an active library account in good standing. Contact the Access Services Desk to create or update your library account at 457-6250 or by email at .
  • Although you may book up to 2 hours per day, each hour must be booked individually.  Further bookings can only be made after 9 a.m. on the day following the existing bookings’ expiration.
  • Prior to the beginning of the reserved time, two students must present their ID cards at the Library Desk

Laptops & Ipads

Laptop & Ipad Loans

In addition to books and videos the Library now has netbooks for loan. They are great for browsing and simple tasks. You can check them out at the Library Desk for a 5 hours (sorry, no overnight loans). We also have laptops so you can keep working even when all the lab computers are taken, or you just want to move to a more comfortable area of the Library.

The Library has 2 iPads for loan. One is available for a 1 day (24 hour) loan and the other is available for a 3 day loan. Please enquire at the Library Desk for more information.

Photocopy cards

Photocopy cards

Photocopy debit cards are sold through a vending machine and change is available at the main Library Desk. 

Food & beverage policy

Food and Beverage Policy

Students are welcome to consume both food and beverages in the Library in any area except at computer work stations and in the MacDonald Room. Please be considerate of all Library users and make use of the garbage and recycling receptacles when you are done.

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