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Mount Library iPads & tablets

The Mount Library now has Apple iPads and Android tablets available for student use. Check at the main Library Desk for availability.

Are you interested in borrowing one? Here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Students may borrow iPads/tablets for up to 1 week for the purpose of reading Mount Library ebooks.
  • iPad/tablet loans may not be renewed or extended.
  • Each iPad/tablet comes loaded with many useful apps.  You may download apps to the device using your own account. These apps will not be permanently retained on the device and will be removed when the device is returned. If you'd like a particular app to be purchased, please contact us with the recommendation at library@msvu.ca
  • Other students will not have access to your personal information. Each iPad/tablet is “wiped” when returned to the Library. It is restored to a default setting upon each check in, deleting all data and apps from the previous user. The Library is not responsible for anything you load or leave on Library equipment.

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