Help with Library Research

Log into your account

In your Library account you can:

  • View and renew your current loans
  • Check the status of books you requested through the Hold option
  • Check your fines
  • Update your personal settings

Why and how do I sign in?  

Signing in also allows you to use online library services:

  • Request items, renew loans and check fines
  • View personal account settings
  • Save books, articles, and other items to your e-Shelf
  • Tag and review items
  • Set alerts, save search results, and view search history

To sign in, click the Sign in link at the upper right corner of the screen and enter your student ID barcode number (14 digits) and password. Your default password is the last 4 digits of your phone number (if you wish to change your password, contact your library).  You will know you are signed in when your name appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you Sign out at the end of your session.

Why should I sign out?

Signing out ensures your library account, personal settings, search history, and e-Shelf contents cannot be viewed by others. Signing out is most important when using a public computer; however, it is good practice to sign out no matter where or how you are accessing Novanet.

The 'Check/renew my Novanet Library loans' link is on the Library home page

You can also sign in to your Novanet Library account from the Novanet results page.

Login screen

Sign in using your Mount ID barcode (14 digits starting with 2935900) and PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number). Note: your myMount ID will not work on this screen.

An alternate access to your Library account  can be found via the user panel in upper right of the Novanet results screen. Click on "Sign In".

View & renew your loans



Your account information will display your active Loans. You can renew all of your checked out materials at once by clicking on Renew All or one at a time by using the check boxes and the Renew Selected link. 

  • Once you are finished renewing, double check the new due dates to make sure each renewal was successful.

Note: The Borrow Anywhere, Return Anywhere program allows you to return your books at any participating academic or public library

Check your book requests

Click on Requests to view the status of books ordered from other libraries using the Hold option.

This list does not include books and articles requested via document delivery. Please login to your Document Delivery account to view the status for your document delivery requests.

Check your overdue fines

If you have any fines or fees, you can view them in the Fine & Fees section of your library account.

Although most general loan items no longer accrue late fines, library material from other collections (Reserves, multimedia, etc) are still subject to late fees due to their high demand, hard-to-replace nature. All items are still subject to replacement costs if they are overdue for an extended length of time.

Check your profile information

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