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What is a Call Number?

A call number is a code of number and letters that is given to a book or dvd according to what that item is about.  The call numbers are used  to organize and locate items on the library shelves. 

How do I find a call number?

Step 1. To get a call number, begin on the Mount Library's homepage. In the grey box, enter your search terms.

Step 2. On the results page, click on your selected result.

Step 3. Having selected your book, scroll down the page till you find the Mount Library holding information and call number. Items are shelved in alphabetical order by call number.  Use the call number to find your item on the shelf at the Mount!

Reading Call Numbers

At the Mount Library, books are arranged according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. This system organizes materials by subject, so that books on similar topics can be found next to one another on the shelf.

  • Each item in the library is assigned a unique call number.  A call number is like an address: it tells you where the book is located.
  • Call numbers consist of a combination of letters and numbers.

Read call numbers line by line:

Library of Congress Call Number Chart

(This material is adapted from Brandeis University Library's LibGuide, Understanding Call Numbers.)

Finding Books on the Shelf by Call Number

 To understand how items are put on the shelf according to the Library of Congress classification system, read the call number line by line.

Reading Call Numbers on Shelf

(This material is adapted from Brandeis University Library's LibGuide, Understanding Call Numbers.)

LC Subject Classifications

View a more in depth list of the Library of Congress Classification system used in the Mount Library.

A -- General Works

B -- Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

C -- Auxiliary Sciences of History

D -- World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

E -- History of the Americas

F -- History of the Americas

G -- Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

H -- Social Sciences

J -- Political Science

K -- Law

L -- Education

M -- Music and Books on Music

N -- Fine Arts

P -- Language and Literature

Q -- Science

R -- Medicine

S -- Agriculture

T -- Technology

U -- Military Science

V -- Naval Science

Z -- Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)


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