Library Webinars

Library Webinars are offered on a wide range of topics to help you improve your research skills. Everyone Welcome!

Academic Integrity Webinars

Academic integrity: Best practices for writing a paper

Learn simple, effective steps and practices to help you write excellent papers and avoid plagiarism or charges of academic dishonesty.

Building Research Skills Webinars

Getting started: Finding and reading journal articles & eBooks at the Mount Library

Learn how to search for and access Mount Library journal articles and ebooks, including downloading them to your mobile devices and e-readers. We will also discuss strategies for effective reading and note taking.

Library research for distance students

This workshop will introduce distance students to the many online resources and services offered by the Mount Library, including research article databases, ebook collections, online document delivery and books by mail, and research appointments and assistance.

Searching deeper: Three steps for effective database searching in your subject area

Do you have a hard time finding journal articles that are relevant to your topic? This workshop will provide tips and tricks for choosing databases, generating keywords for your topic and using Boolean search techniques appropriately. Concepts and strategies learned are common to most search tools.

Business Information Webinars

Beginner's guide to business information

Go beyond searching for books and academic journal articles. This webinar will help you find business data, statistics, annual reports, SWOT analysis and more.

Canadian Content Webinars

Finding Canadian content

Tips and strategies for finding Canadian research, statistics and points of view.

Copyright Webinars

Finding and Copying Images for your Assignments

Uncertain about which images and media you are allowed to copy/download to show in your class and Moodle presentations? This session will provide strategies and guidelines for the type of images and media you can legally use with your academic work.

Evaluating Material: Wikipedia, Fake News and More Webinars

Spotting fake news: Evaluating sources in a post-truth world

In 2016 post-truth was Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year and "fake news" became a news item. Learn tips and strategies for spotting fake news and for evaluating information in your news feeds and on the Internet.

Follow the breadcrumbs: The trail from Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook to scholarly sources

View Recording Session begins at 0:16:00

You have identified content that is related to your assignment but does not meet the scholarly criteria required by your professor. What to you do? This session will provide tips and strategies to find the scholarly sources that may have given rise to the stories you find in the news and on social media.

PsychInfo Webinars

Beginner's guide to PsycInfo

A session for all students, particularly Psychology, Marketing, Business Administration, Tourism & Hospitality Management or Nutrition programs. An introduction to topics such as psychological research, health behaviour, organizational psychology, and consumer behaviour.

RefWorks Webinars

Using RefWorks for bibliographies

View Recording Session begins at: 0:20:30

Learn how to keep track of your citations while you do your research. Tired of formatting your bibliography manually? Let RefWorks do some of the preliminary work for you.

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