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Religious Studies

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Encyclopedias (Online)

Reference Books: A Selection of Print Resources

Ref. GT 3150 T25 2000 Death and the Afterlife: A Cultural Encyclopedia by Richard P. Taylor

Ref. QH 332 E52 2004 Encyclopedia of Bioethics in 5 volumes 3rd ed. S.G. Post

Ref. BR 95 E8913 1999 Encyclopedia of Christianity ed. E. Fahlbusch et al.

Ref. HQ 1073 E54 1989 Encyclopedia of Death ed. R. Kastenbaum

Ref. BR 162.2 E53 1990 Encyclopedia of Early Christianity ed. E. Ferguson

Ref. BL 31 E46 1987 Encylopedia of Religion in 16 volumes ed. M. Eliade

Ref. BR 95 O8 1997 Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church 3rd ed. E.A. Livingstone

Guide to Call Numbers for Books in Stacks


Subject Areas LC Class Ranges
Ethics : General Works BJ 71-1185
Religious Ethics BJ 1188-1295
Religion (General) BL 1-98
Natural Theology BL 175-290
Myth. Comparative Mythology. BL 300-325
Classification of Religions BL 350-410
Religious Doctrines (General)


Women in Comparative Religions. Goddesses.

BL 425-490


BL 458-473

Eschatology BL 500-547
Worship BL 550-619
Religious Life and Organization BL 624-632.5
History and Principles of Religions incl. Classical, Oriental, African Religions. BL 660-2790
Judaism BM 1-990
Islam BP 1-195
Buddhism BQ 1-9800


Early Christian Literature

BR 1-1725


BR 60-67

The Bible


The Old Testament

The New Testament


BS 1-2970


BS 701-1830

BS 1901-2970

Doctrinal Theology BT 10-1480
Practical Theology. Worship. Pastoral Theology. The Christian Life. BV 1-5099
Christian Denominations



Roman Catholicism

BX 1-9999


BX 1-9.5

BX 800-4795

The Church and Social Problems HN 30-40
Death and Dying HQ 1073-1073.5
Medical Ethics. Terminal Care. Dying. R 723-726.8



Theses & Dissertations

  • Subject Databases
    Many of our subject databases (including ERIC, PsycInfo, Ageline, MLA, SocIndex, Historical Abstracts/America: History & Life, Child Development & Adolescent Studies, Gender Studies) provide indexing of select dissertations.
  • Degree-granting institution
    Check the home institution for an online repository/archive.  More and more theses and dissertations are being made available in open access format.