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Open Access

A guide for Mount Saint Vincent University scholars.
Open Access - a concept to enable scholarly communication. What is it ? Why is it important ?

APC Discounts for Mount Researchers

Mount researchers are able to receive discounts on Article Processing Charges (APC) for commercial publishers based on the Mount Library's subscription packages of databases. Please note that authors are required to pay the APC; the Mount Library does not pay for APC costs. The Mount Research Office does offer the Aid to Scholarly Publications & Communications grant, which can support payment of APC up to $1,000. See below for information on discounts for specific publishers:

American Chemical Society: $250 USD flat discount. APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount.

Cambridge University Press: 20% discount on gold or hybrid open access journals. APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount.

Canadian Science Publishing: 50% discount on all journals except agricultural journals (Canadian Journal of Agricultural Science, Canadian Journal of Soil Science, Canadian Journal of Plant Science). The APC discount is applied upon submission of manuscript. Authors must identify their institutional affiliation in order to qualify for the discount.

PLOS Biology and PLOS Medicine: publication fees automatically covered until 2023. Upon submitting a manuscript to either PLOS Biology or PLOS Medicine, be sure to list your institutional affiliation in the submission system; if the manuscript is accepted for publication, and you are the corresponding author, or if all authors of the manuscripts are members, your publication fees are automatically covered. If the corresponding author is not a member, but at least one of the manuscript’s co-authors is a member, you’ll receive a 25% discount towards the non-member fee. 

After submission, corresponding authors receive an estimate from a billing system, Copyright Clearance Center, indicating the expected publication fees based on the current membership status of each author. 

SAGE: Mount authors can publish OA with no APC in over 900 SAGE Choice journals, or receive a 40% discount on APC when publishing in a SAGE Gold OA journal. Please see the documents linked below for instructions on how to apply the APC discount. Note that there are specific journals excluded from this discount: A Current Bibliography on African Affairs; Abstracts in Anthropology; American Sociological Review; California Management Review; Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews; Contexts; Developmental Child Welfare; Feminist Review; Handbook of Practice Management; Index on Censorship; InnovAiT; International Political Science Abstracts / Documentation Politique Internationale; Journal of Health and Social Behavior; Journal of the Intensive Care Society; Pain News; Phi Delta Kappan Magazine; Scandinavian Journal of Surgery; Social Psychology Quarterly; Society and Mental Health; Sociological Methodology; Sociological Theory; Sociology of Education; Sociology of Race and Ethnicity; and Teaching Sociology.

Taylor & Francis: 25% discount in T&F Open Select journals. To take advantage of the discount on T&F Open Select journals, an author can submit an article and choose the open access publishing option. When the APC is generated, authors can select their institution from the drop-down menu, and the discount will be automatically applied. The author can select a Creative Commons license to sign once they accept the quote. 

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