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A guide to research resources in Sociology

Frequently used article databases

Recognizing Sociological Work

1. Check the journal name. Sometimes these explicitly include “Sociology” or Sociological”, however, there are sociological journals that don’t have “sociology” in their name (i.e., Journal of Marriage and Families). Sociological research is published in related or interdisciplinary fields, such as criminology; in this case, you can look at the journal’s website to see if it is sociological.

2. Check the subject terms assigned to the article by the database (to ensure the use of sociological terms. If a variation on sociological terms is present, a good argument can be made that the article is sociological). You can find these in the record for the article.

3. Check the author’s institutional affiliation (whether they are working in a sociological department or not).

4. Look for the presence and use of sociological perspectives (i.e. The sociological imagination) as well as for the use of sociological theories (functionalism, interactionism, Marxism-conflict theory, feminism, and post-modern/post-structural).

5. Look at the subject area of the author for terms like sociology, sociological perspective

Thanks to Dr. Sandra Colavecchia, Greg Neapen, and Jennifer Easter for their work in developing this checklist for recognizing sociological work.

Multidisciplinary databases and journal collections relevant to Sociology

Selection of Core Journals at the Mount

American Journal of Economics and Sociology                                   Vol. 1, 1941 to the present (online)

American Journal of Sociology    Vol. 1, 1895 to the present (online)

American Sociological Review    Vol. 1, 1936 to the present (online)

American Sociologist             Vol. 1, 1965 to Vol. 37, 2006 (print). Vol. 18, 1987 to the present (online)

Canadian Ethnic Studies       Vol. 1, 1969 to the present (online)

Canadian Journal of Sociology     Vol. 1, 1975 to the present (online)

Canadian Review of Sociology      Vol. 29, 1992 to the present (online)

Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology                                      Vol. 1, 1964 to Vol. 44, 2007 (print). Vol. 36, 1999 to Vol. 44, 2007 (online).

Canadian Social Trends                   1986 to the present (print). 1995 to the present (online)

Comparative Studies in Society and History             Vol. 1, 1958 to the present (online)                                  

Contemporary Sociology                Vol. 1, 1972 to the present (online)

 Current Sociology                            Vol. 31, 1983 to  Vol. 52, 2004 (print). Vol 47, 1999 to the present (online)

Directions: Research Reviews from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation   2008 to 2011 (print). Call no. F1035 A1 D57

International Review for the Sociology of Sport                                 Vol. 19,1984) to Vol. 30, 1995 (print). Vol. 34 (1999) to present (online)

Journal of Social History                Vol. 1, 1967/68 to the present (online)

Journal of Social Issues                 Vol. 1, 1945 to  Vol. 63, 2007 (print). Vol. 51, 1995 to present (online)

Social Forces                                     Vol. 1, 1922 to the present (online)

Social Policy                                      Vol. 2, 1971/72 to  Vol. 38, 2007/08 (print). Vol. 21, 1990 to present (online)

Social Problems                                Vol. 1, 1953 to Vol. 55, 2008 (online)

Social Research                                Vol. 1, 1934 to the present (online)

Society                                                Vol. 1, 1963 to the present (online)

Sociological Inquiry                          Vol. 31, 1961 to the present (online)

Sociological Quarterly                      Vol. 1, 1960 to the present (online)

Sociological Theory                            Vol. 1, 1983 to the present (online)

Sociology of Religion                       Vol. 1, 1940 to the present (online)

Work and Occupations                    Vol. 10, 1983 to Vol. 31, 2004 (print). Vol. 26, 1999 to present (online)

Where's the full text?

If you are unsure whether an article is available in full text or not, please click on the 'Check for full text...' link closest to the citation to check if the full text is available at MSVU. The 'Check for full text...' link will check to see if the article is available in another database, or to see if the library has a copy of the article in print. If the article is not available at MSVU please look at our document delivery options.