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Novanet Streaming Video Search

*Theater in Video films are not included in the search results at this time.

Not all the streaming films in the Novanet Catalogue are available for access by the MSVU community. Browse the individual collections for more advanced search options and to guarantee access for Mount users.

Streaming Video

Mount Library Subscriptions

Other Streaming Collections

National Film Board of Canada Streaming

The Mount Library subscribes to NFB CAMPUS, the live streaming service of the National Film Board with access to more than 500 NFB films.

To stream a film click on the image from the film with the play button on it.
Please note: our subscription does not allow downloads.

Students and instructors can create an NFB CAMPUS account which will allow you to create your own clips and playlists, as well as view interactive projects and easy-to-use tools to explore and present NFB content in the classroom. You must use your email address for this service.

Online Video Sites for Teaching

Khan Academy is well known for its collection of more than 1800 instructional math, science, history, and economics videos. Khan Academy also offers self-paced mathematics lessons

Students can ask questions, do practice problems, and watch videos (from Khan Academy and other sources) for free.

Teacher Tube is an online community for sharing instructional videos.

Ted-Ed pair extraordinary educators with talented animators to produce a new library of exceptional educational videos. 


Other Video Catalogues

YouTube in the Classroom

"YouTube EDU is a sub-section of YouTube that contains high-quality educational content." Selected material from YouTube that is cleared for educational use.
"YouTube for Schools is a network setting that, when implemented, allows your school to access the educational content on YouTube EDU while limiting access to non-educational content on" This places the selected material from EDU on your school's local server, particularly relavant to grade schools which often block YouTube.
" is a how-to site that shows you how to use YouTube in the classroom."

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Studios Represented by Audio Cine Films & Criterion Pictures

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