Document Delivery

We are responsible for obtaining materials unavailable at the Mount. Students, staff and faculty can borrow physical material and obtain copies from works that are not held by the Mount Library.

Mount Saint Vincent University Library Codes

Library and Archives Canada Symbol: NSHV

OCLC Symbol: MHV

Submitting Requests

Submitting requests

The Mount Saint Vincent Document Delivery Service is a member of the Canadian Atlantic University Libraries Document Delivery Group (CAUL DDG).

Machine readable (i.e.  Relais, VDX, Amicus) or Web requests are preferred

Libraries using these methods to request regularly from Mount Saint Vincent Document Delivery will be asked to use the web forms. Pre-registration is required.  Please contact Document Delivery staff. Login information will be provided.

Instructions on how to submit requests from the CAUL website

Email and mail requests are accepted.

Lending Policies

Exceptions to these standard policies may be possible on a case by case basis – please inquire


Will lend for 3 weeks use, 1 renewal if no reserve in place

Reference, films, archival, rare & Special Collections materials, and sound recordings are non-circulating. 

Circulation of microforms are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.



Fees & Charges


No charge: ACMC, CARL, CAUL/CBUA, OONL, COPPUL, OCUL, OONL, CREPUQ and all non-profit Atlantic libraries

$8.00 per item: Other Canadian libraries and for-profit Atlantic Libraries, institutions

$20.00 per item: American and international libraries


No charge: CAUL/CBUA,  OONL, UofA and reciprocating NEOS libraries

$5.00 per article: ACMC, CARL, OCUL, COPPUL, CREPUQ and all non-profit Atlantic libraries

$8.00 per article: Other Canadian libraries and for-profit Atlantic libraries

$20.00 per article: American and international libraries

Microform Scans

$20.00 for first 20 pages; $1.00 for each additional page

Urgent Service

No charge: CAUL/CBUA and OONL

$10.00 surcharge: ACMC, CARL, OCUL, COPPUL, CREPUQ and all other Canadian libraries

$20.00 surcharge: American and international libraries

Replacement charges - invoiced

In print: cost of material


Invoices are sent semi-annually (January & July)

VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

Document Delivery Contact

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Document Delivery Department
902-457-6435 or

Evenings & Weekends
Library Access Services Desk

Document Delivery
Mount Saint Vincent University Library
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3M 2J6

Tel: (902) 457-6435
Fax: (902) 457-6445

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