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With an emphasis on sources of Nova Scotia and Canadian business and marketing information and statistics.

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This General Resources guide lists databases and resouces that are multdisciplinary and can serve as a starting point to any research topic.
To research a topic in a particular field please use one of our subject specific guides.
To view a list of all of our research resources please see our all research resources guide.

Newspaper Articles

Atlantic Canada Business Journals

Many Business journals from Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada are not indexed in research databases. It's a good idea to check their home pages for the content of each issue.

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Where's the full-text ?

If you are unsure whether an article is available in full text or not, please click on the 'Check for full text . . .' link closest to the citation to check if the full text is available at MSVU. The 'Check for full text . . .' link will check to see if the article is available in another database, or to see if the library has a copy of the article in print. If the article is not available at MSVU please look at our document delivery options.

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