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Critiquing Neuroscience in Films or TV

Identifying films or TV episodes with "neuroscience content" can likely be found through Google searches or the IMBD database.

Once you have identified a film or TV shows with neuroscience content you will want to compare the popular culture portrayal of this neuroscience content or condition with how it is presented in the scientific literature.  Things you may want to consider include:

  • how is the content described in the film compared to how science tells us it works in real life
  • has the film taken liberties with scientific principles we know to exist
  • If you are dealing with a condition, what causes it or how does it manifest
  • what are the medical signs, symptoms, and treatment for neuroscientific conditions

Finding Journal Articles

Databases to consider for this assignment include:

  • PsycInfo (includes PsycArticles - fulltext) - this is the APA gold standard for psychology literature searches.  See Articles and Journals tab above.
  • Medline (or PubMed) - for articles with more of a medical focus

A note about Novanet Discovery: this search option on the Library's main page will return many, many results in a variety of formats that you will have to sift through.  Starting your search with PsycInfo and/or Medline will be much more efficient.