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Peace and Conflict Studies

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Peace and conflict studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the roots of conflict and the foundations of peace. The program allows for the exploration of the interrelatedness of such issues as poverty, violence, hunger, discrimination, war and justice, security, peace, freedom and the human community. It involves an examination of options and initiatives in peace-making and conflict resolution. Peace and conflict are studied in various contexts ranging from the person, the family, school, workplace and the community, to nations and the global forum and from the perspective of various disciplines. Careers exist in education, workplaces, journalism, courts, government, foreign service, international development, non-governmental organizations, and corporations that invest overseas.

Young People and the Effects of War

Some recent Canadian books, on deposit in the Library as part of the Canadian Children's Book Centre donation, to honour the work of peace educators and to mark Being the Change: Building a Culture of Peace, the Conference held at the Mount.