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Family Studies

Frequently used article databases

Multidisciplinary databases relevant to Family Studies

Core Journals in Family Studies

Print holdings are retained for most older volumes for which we don't have full electronic access.

Coordinator (continued by Family Life Coordinator) Vol. 1(1952) - Vol.7 (1958) Online

Family Life Coordinator                             Vol. 7(1958)- Vol. 23(1974) in print. Vol.17 (1968) - Vol. 28 (1979) Online

Family Relations (continues Family Life Coordinator)  Vol. 29 (1980) to present Online

 Family Process                                            Vol. 1(1962) to present Online

Journal of Comparative Family Studies Vol. 16 (1985) to present Online

Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences  Vol. 86(1994)- Vol. 100(2008). Vol.89 (1997) to present Online

Journal of Family History                           Vol. 1(1979)- Vol. 20(1995)  and Vol. 24 (1999) to present Online. Intervening years in print.

Journal of Family Issues                            Vol. 1 (1975) to present Online

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy        Vol. 1(1989)- Vol. 20(2008) in print. Vol. 9 (1997) to present Online

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy    Vol. 1(1975) to present Online

Marriage and Family Living   Vol. 1(1939) - Vol. 25 (1963) Online

Journal of Marriage and the Family (continues Marriage and Family Living) Vol. 26(1964) to present Online

Mediation Quarterly: Journal of the Academy of Family Mediators  Vol.1(1983)-Vol.13 (1995) Online. Vol. 17 no3(Spring 2000)- Vol. 18(2001) in print.

Conflict Resolution Quarterly (continues Mediation Quarterly) Vol. 19(2002) to present Online

Print Indexes

Family Index 

Ref. HQ 1 F346  Volumes 1(1995) to 4 (1998)

Sage Family Studies Abstracts

Ref. Z 7164 M2 S23  1986 to 2003

Social Sciences Index

Ref. AI 3 S6   1974 to 2005

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