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Family Studies

Frequently used article databases

Multidisciplinary databases relevant to Family Studies

Core Journals in Family Studies

This list will connect you to the MSVU Journals list. Check the dates of the Library's access on the links to full text.

Recognizing Family Studies Work

1. Check the journal name. Sometimes these explicitly include “Family”. However, some Family Studies related journals do not have “Family” in their name (i.e., Conflict Resolution Quarterly). Family Studies research can be published in related or interdisciplinary fields; in this case, you can look at the journal’s website for more details.

2. Check the subject terms assigned to the article by the database (to ensure the use of relevant terms.. You can find these in the record for the article.

3. Check the author’s institutional affiliation. Are they working in a related field or department?

4. Look for the presence and use of Family Studies perspectives.

5. Look at other articles written by the author. Do they reflect a trend of research related to Family Studies?

This list is an adaptation of Dr. Sandra Colavecchia, Greg Neapen, and Jennifer Easter's checklist for recognizing sociological work.

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