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Course Readings & Media (Reserves)

Posting Your Own Material and Library Resources to Moodle

The Library's Course Readings & Media (Reserves) and eReserves service is always available to faculty members. Faculty may also choose to post their own documents and permalinks or stable links to Moodle. The resources on this page are intended to assist faculty who wish to take the "self-serve" route.

Making PDFs Smaller & More Useful to Students

A large PDF may not upload correctly to Moodle, may be difficult to share via e-mail. and students may have trouble downloading it.

A PDF scanned directly from a book may be difficult to navigate or read, especially for students with certain disabilities.

Using the full Adobe Acrobat suite**, there are several options for reducing the size of a PDF and making it more user-friendly:

Run Text Recognition:

  • Tools (top right-hand side)          --> Text Recognition
  • Select options and follow prompts according to your needs

Optimize the PDF:

  • Tools (top right-hand side) --> Action Wizard
  • Select Optimize Scanned Documents
  • Select options and follow prompts according to your needs

Print the PDF as a PDF... again:

  • File --> Print --> Select Adobe PDF from printer list
  • In the Comments & Forms drop-down, select Document Only
  • Check the Print in Grayscale box (unless you need colour)

**These tips refer to Adobe Acrobat 11, not Adobe Reader. Consult IT&S if you have questions about available software.