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Historical Monographs

A historical monograph will present original scholarship or primary research. The book will explore a topic at length and in detail.  There will be analysis and research.  The research will involve the use of a variety of sources (primary and secondary).

Things that are not historical monographs include: textbooks, summaries, overviews, editeded volumes (where each chapter has a different author).

Washington State provides a good overview for reading historical monographs.

History Dictionaries

History Atlases

  • Oxford atlas of world history - O'Brien, Patrick Karl 
    Call Number: Ref G 1030 P57 2002
    Also known as: Philip's atlas of world history.
  • Times history of the world - Barraclough, Geoffrey 
    Call Number: Ref G 1030 T54 1999
    Previously published under title: The Times atlas of world history.

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