History of the Maritime Provinces

A guide of interest to students researching the history of the Maritime Provinces of Canada: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Guides to Sources in Canadian History

Canadian History

Canadian History: A Reader's Guide V. 1 Beginnings to Confederation. ed. M. Brook Taylor Ref. Z 1382 C35 1994 v.1

Canadian History: A Reader's Guide V.2 Confederation to the Present. ed. M. Brook Taylor Ref. Z 1382 C35 1994 v.2

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Reader's Guide to Canadian History v.2 Confederation to the Present. ed. J.L. Granatstein & P. Stevens Ref. Z 1382 R42 1982 v.2

Bibliography of the History of Quebec and Canada. ed. P. Aubin and L.M. Cote Ref. Z 1382 A8

Bibliography Canadiana. comp. C. Thibault Ref. Z 1382 T47 1973

"Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region" Acadiensis - each Autumn and Spring issue

Resource Guides to Topics in Maritimes History

Aboriginal Peoples

Native Canadian Anthropology and History: A Selected Bibliography rev ed. S. Krech Ref. Z 1209.2 C2 K74 1994


"Acadians" . N. Griffiths in Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples. pp. 114-136  Ref. F 1035 A1 E56 1999

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Nova Scotia

Cape Bretoniana: An Annotated Bibliography. comp. B.D. Tennyson Ref. Z 1392 C27 T47 2005

Common Heritage: An Annotated Bibliography of Ethnic Groups in Nova Scotia.  Ref. Z 1392 N72 M6 1984

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Checklist of Secondary Sources for Planter Studies. comp. D.C. Godwin and S.B. McNutt  Ref. Z 1392 M37 G66 1990

New England Planters in the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1759-1800: Bibliography of Primary Sources. comp. J.A. Norton Ref. Z 1392 M37 N67 1993


Baptists in Canada 1760-1990: A Bibliography of Selected Printed Sources in English. Ref. Z 7845 B2 G7 1989

Urban Studies

Canada's Urban Past: A Bibliography to 1980. comp. A. Artibise and G. Stelter  Ref. Z 7164 U7 A7 1981


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Conrad, Margaret. Recording Angels : The Private Chronicles of Women from the Maritime Provinces of Canada, 1750-1950. Ottawa, Ont.: Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, 1982.  MSVU call number CT 3270 .C6.  Descriptions with brief excerpts from important Maritimes diaries written by women.

Reference Books

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Ref. F 1005 D49

Note: The essays are not present in the online version http://www.biographi.ca/index.html

Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples Ref. F 1035 A1 E56 1999

Historical Atlas of Canada Ref. G 1116 S1 H58 1987

V.1 From the Beginnings to 1800

V.2 The Land Transformed 1800-1891

V.3 Addressing the Twentieth Century 1891-1961

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