History of the Maritime Provinces

A guide of interest to students researching the history of the Maritime Provinces of Canada: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Online Journal Indexes to Secondary Sources


Acadiensis v. 1 1971/1972 to the present is now available online.

Acadiensis Index is part of the Atlantic Canada Portal

Beaver: Canada's History Magazine 1974 to the present; electronic full-text 1990 to the present

Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History no.1 - no.26 call number: F 1001 C23

Canadian Historical Association (CHA) Annual Report (with Historical Papers) 1915, 1923-1968

Historical Papers (CHA) 1970-1989

Journal of the Canadian Historical Association v.1 1990 to the present

Annual Report, Historical Papers, and Journal of the CHA are available online from 1922 to the present.

Canadian Historical Association Historical Booklets are available online and in print - call number: F 1001 C24

Canadian Historical Association Ethnic Groups Booklets are available online and in print

Canadian Historical Review v.1 1920 to the present; electronic full-text v.56, 1975 to the present

Collections of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society 1878-1996 call number: F 1036 N93

Collections of the RNSHS Index

Dalhousie Review v.1 1921 - v.68, 1988/89

Histoire Sociale / Social History v.1 1968/69 to the present

Journal of Canadian Studies v.1 1966 to the present; electronic full-text 1992 to the present

Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society v.1, 1998 to the present call number: F 1036 N932

Journal of the RNSHS Index

Labour / Le Travail no.1, 1976 to the present; electronic full-text 1996 to the present

Material History Review (formerly .... Bulletin) no.1 1976 to the present

Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly v.1 1971 - v.10, 1980

Nova Scotia Historical Review v.1, 1981 - v.16, 1996

Royal Society of Canada (RSC) Transactions 1891-1944 [some missing issues]

Societe Historique Acadienne: Les Cahiers v.6, 1975 to the present

note: Canadian Journal of History covers non-Canadian topics

Journal Indexes in Print

Canadian Periodical Index 1920 - 1937 : provides indexing for early volumes of the Canadian Historical Review, the Canadian Historical Association Annual Report, Dalhousie Review, Royal Society of Canada Transactions

Canadian Periodical Index  1938-1947 (on a microfilm reel)

Canadian Periodical Index  1948-1979 

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