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Education PhD Program

Accessing Acadia Resources

Before you can begin your Library research, you must first ensure you have completed the required access set-up.

Obtain Your Library Card and Network Access

All Acadia students require an Acadia ID card, as well as a username and a password for the Acadia network.

Once these are in place you have the "keys" you need to access Library resources and services. The Acadia ID card functions as a Library card and the network account allows you to identify yourself as an Acadia student when off-campus.

Establishing your Acadia status is important because only current Acadia students, faculty and staff are eligible to access licensed electronic resources.

Access Acadia's Electronic Resources from Off-Campus

While accessing licensed resources from the library website when you are not on campus, you will be asked to log in with your Acadia network username and password. You can then search and view resources without encountering any paywalls.

Acadia Resources