Education PhD Program

Research Guides

Provides information on article databases and other research resources -- print and electronic -- available at your library and on the web, for students and faculty in the Faculty of Education.

Online Resources held by just one university

These are focused on the Education. Each of the libraries may also have unique holdings in other multidisciplinary areas. Please check the Research Guides for listings of all databases held.

Theses and Dissertations

  • Subject Databases
    Many of our subject databases (including ERIC, PsycInfo, Ageline, MLA, SocIndex, Historical Abstracts/America: History & Life, Child Development & Adolescent Studies, Gender Studies) provide indexing of select dissertations.
  • Degree-granting institution
    Check the home institution for an online repository/archive.  More and more theses and dissertations are being made available in open access format.

Citation Management

Library Catalogues

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