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eBook Collections


Ebook collections include different accessibility options, including features to assist users who are blind, low vision, colour-vision impaired, dyslexic, and have auditory impairments. Use the links below to find out more about the accessibility features of ProQuest and EBSCO ebooks.

ProQuest Ebooks

What is Accessibility Mode?

How to turn Accessibility Mode on or off

How to use the Open Dyslexic typeface

EBSCO Ebooks

EBSCO Ebook Accessibility Navigation Guide

User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about EBSCO Ebook Accessibility

MSVU Accessibility Services

The Mount Accessibility Services team helps people identify and access accommodations and supports that are unique to their needs. The Accessibility Services team provides individual support by promoting self-advocacy and an equitable learning environment. Some examples of the types of disabilities that form our diverse population of students include physical and learning disabilities, medical conditions, vision and hearing loss, ADHD and mental health.

Click here for more information about Accessibility Services at the Mount.

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