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eBook Collections

Novanet LiveHelp

LiveHelp is a chat-based research help service operated by local library staff.

About Novanet Live Help

Mount Library Ebook Collections

With your Mount credentials, you can access thousands of ebooks. Use the links below to access ebook collections. If you've already found an ebook in the Novanet catalogue, skip to the next section for help accessing the ebook.

Log In

ProQuest Ebooks

To access a ProQuest ebook, you'll need to log in to ProQuest Ebook Central using your Mount credentials. There's no need to create a separate account.

EBSCO Ebooks

We recommend using your Mount credentials to create an account when using EBSCO ebooks. This will allow you to annotate and save the ebooks you are reading for easy access later.

Click here for information about creating a My EBSCOhost account 


Reading Ebooks Online

Once you've logged in, you can open an ebook to read, search for key terms, annotate, and more.

ProQuest Ebooks

Click here for more information about reading and navigating ProQuest ebooks online.

EBSCO Ebooks

Click here for more information about reading and navigating EBSCO ebooks online.

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