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Faculty Library Services

MSVU e-Commons

The Mount’s e-Commons is an institutional repository that showcases and preserves the scholarly work of the Mount community. The goal of the e-Commons is to act as a repository of research and other scholarly works to support the preservation and dissemination of knowledge by the Mount community. The e-Commons enables the MSVU community to post, organize and preserve their research online and to make it openly accessible via the World Wide Web.

To access the MSVU E-Commons, please follow this link: Mount Saint Vincent University e-Commons.

Currently, the e-commons features a variety of different works from Mount faculty members who have made contributions to it over the last several years. These works include journal articles (pre-print and post-print versions), conference papers, reports, images, book chapters, working papers.


Depositing to the e-Commons

Any digital material of a scholarly nature can be deposited in the e-commons (e.g. video, audio, datasets).
If you are interested in contributing to the E-commons contact our Archivist at or 457-6401.