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Copyright & Fair Dealing

Public Performances at MSVU

MSVU currently subscribes to public performance rights through 2 main providers offering searchable catalogues:

It should be noted that:
* Any film found in the catalogues can be shown all or in part anywhere on campus; and 

* As part of the license, audiences at screenings must not be charged admission.

The terms of the licenses require monthly reporting of use by Mount faculty or other members of the Mount community. Any performance on campus (during class or at an event) should be reported to Rodney Tucker, Coordinator of Resources and Acquisitions, Mount Library (457-6410).

Criterion on Demand, a resource and service of Criterion Pictures, includes performance licenses and does not require reporting.  More information about this resource can be found under the Video, Film and Streaming section of this guide. 

If you would like to show any film or documentary on campus not covered by the Mount's licenses, please contact RodneyTucker in the Library for assistance.