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Copyright & Fair Dealing

Information for Faculty

Course Readings, Media and Moodle
The Library is pleased to offer a course readings and media service for Faculty. For more information about this service, which includes tracking down material, digitizing according to copyright legislation and fair dealing guidelines, making readings with accessible content, populating stable links to licensed content for reading lists in your Moodle course sites, please check out the link above, drop by the Library in person, phone 902-457-6250, or e-mail

Course Material and Copyright
The Library is pleased to offer copyright compliance services for any course material which may be over fair dealing guidelines or for which MSVU does not license at this time. For example, perhaps you need more than one chapter or 10% of a book, or a textbook may go out of print without notice. In most cases we contact the publisher or copyright owner and license a digital version for posting to Moodle. When in doubt, contact and our team will begin the process of placing a request for obtaining rights for use.   

Best Practices in Fair Dealing for Open Educational Resources

Course Material Sharing Websites/Networks

Coursehero (course material sharing websites)

It has come to the University's attention that there is a website known as Coursehero which students have been using to upload course materials. If you encounter this on Coursehero or some other website and do not want your materials posted, a memo from the former Vice President Academic was sent to faculty outlining steps to take in these situations. The statement recommended by legal counsel to include on course syllabi is as follows:

The materials you receive and submit for this course are to be used for this course only. You do not have permission to upload the course materials you receive to any external websites. If you require further clarification, please consult directly with your professor.

For questions or more information, please contact the University Librarian

Thesis Advisors

If you are a thesis advisor, please note the important information for Graduate students. More guidance for graduate students will be coming soon.