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Copyright and Fair Dealing

When original works are created, they are automatically protected under Canadian copyright law
Authors/creators may register their works with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to prove that they are the owners of the works should court cases ever arise
Generally, copyright “lasts for the life of the creator, the remainder of the calendar year in which the creator dies, and for 50 years following the end of the calendar year” (CIPO, 2011)
Note: This will likely change to a longer period once the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement is passed.
This guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. You may copy the guide as long as credit is included. We encourage you to license your derivative works under Creative Commons as well to encourage sharing and reuse of educational materials. Please be aware that many of our guides contain links to subscription-based services for which access is restricted, and collections of resources that may have additional rights reserved. Please consult the licenses and terms of use for each resource.