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What is an Archives?

Archives collect original unpublished material, which is unique and irreplaceable. Essentially they collect the original records of the past. If the records are lost, stolen, or damaged, the information they contain could be lost forever.

Every Archives collects something special. The MSVU Archives specializes in collecting and preserving records that document the history of Mount Saint Vincent University. 

University Archivist

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Lindsey MacCallum

The Mount Archives

The MSVU Archives' mandate is to appraise, collect, organize, describe, make available, and preserve records of historical, legal, fiscal and/or administrative value to Mount Saint Vincent University. Below is a list of common types of records that can be found in the MSVU Archives. For further information about the collections please contact the MSVU Archives.

1. Official Records of the university:

  • Minutes – Board of Governors; Senate; Senate Standing Committees; Non-Senate Committees
  • Presidents annual reports
  • University calendars
  • Convocation programs

2.  Semi-official records:

  • History of the University
  • Non-current office records
  • Records of student, staff, and faculty associations
  • Architectural plans, campus maps
  • External sources of information about MSVU

3. Publications, papers and reports which chronicle activities at the university:

  • Student newspapers (Picaro, Jargon, Sentinel)
  • News releases
  • Campus newsletters (The Connection, Mount Memo, Insight)
  • Alumnae newsletters (Alumnae News; Folia Montana)
  • Promotional brochures/pamphlets
  • Course catalogs and timetables
  • Yearbooks (Folia Montana; The Piper; Kappa Kronicle; Phoenix; Memories; Katina; Janus; Mystonian)
  • Faculty and staff publications
  • Personal papers of faculty and staff

4.  Memorabilia:

  • Scrapbooks
  • Programs from events
  • Slides and photographs
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Artifacts

5. Theses:

  • Graduate and honours theses by Mount students

In order to fulfill the terms of the above mandate, the Mount Saint Vincent University Archives acts as a conscientious caretaker in observance of all legal, ethical and administrative requirements.  

History of the Mount Archives

On January 18, 1974, The President’s administrative committee determined that a university archives should be established at Mount Saint Vincent University, referred to in this policy document as the University Archives, and that a trained archivist be appointed to establish and maintain these archives as an integral part of the University Library. Since that time, an archives section has been established under the direction of the University Librarian. 

The Archives is the central repository for the collection, arrangement, description, and preservation of material which documents the history of MSVU and its administration, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

Contact Us

MSVU Library
EMF 125/126
15 Lumpkin Rd.
Halifax NS, B3M 2J6

Telephone: 902-457-6402

Hours: By appointment

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