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Archives at MSVU

Donation of Archival Records

The Mount Archives is interested in reviewing material from private individuals and external organizations for potential donation. We welcome materials related to the following topics:

  • Records related to Mount Saint Vincent University, College and Academy, including photographs, pamphlets, recordings, advertisements, publications, news articles, etc. There is especially a need for material pre-1951.
  • Records of students and records relating to student activity at the Mount. These could be things like diaries kept during their time at the Mount, photo albums and scrapbooks, or records related to participation in student clubs.
  • Records of alumnae pertaining to their careers, community service, and/or longstanding relationship to their alma mater.
  • Records of honourary degree recipients.
  • Records of retired faculty members.
  • Records of individuals and organizations dedicated to causes important to the Mount, such as feminism and social justice.

Please note that the Mount does not currently offer appraisal services or tax receipts for archival donations.

For questions or to initiate an archival donation agreement, please contact the Archivist (

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