Children's Literature

Resources of interest to students researching themes, genres and authors of books written for children.

Research Guides


Ref. PN 1008.5 O94 2006  Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature (4 volumes)

Ref. Z 2014.5 H46 1987  Children's Literature: A Guide to the Criticism   [excellent guide to articles on subjects, themes and genres]. It is also freely accessible as an online text.

Ref. Z 2014.5 S57 1980  The History of Children's Literature: A Syllabus with Selected Bibliographies [ up to late 19th century]

Ref. PN 1008.5 I57 1996  International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature [ a collection of essays on types, genres, contexts, national literatures]

Ref. PN 1008.5 C37 1984  Oxford Companion to Children's Literature

Ref. PR 990 C36 2001  Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English

Ref. PN 1008.5 L38 2002  Children's Literature Dictionary : Definitions, Resources, and Learning Activities

PN 1009 A1 C514  Children's Literature  An annual publication available in print at MSVU from v.1 1972 to v. 31, 2003 and then online as part of Project Muse. Volumes 1 to 33 are indexed by the Children's Literature Association.

Book Reviews

Ref. PN 1009 A1 C5139  Children’s Literature Review (103 volumes ) latest volumes in electronic format

By Country

Ref. PR 9084 H45 1992  Dictionary of Children's Fiction from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and Selected African Countries

Ref. PR 830 C513 H4 1989   Dictionary of British Children's Fiction

Ref. Z 1378 B35 2003  A Guide to Canadian Children's Books in English

Ref. PR 9127 S86 2000  Canadian Children's Books

Ref. PR 9127 W7 1994  Writing Stories, Making Pictures : Biographies of 150 Canadian Children's Authors and Illustrators

Ref. Z 1037.2 T43 1989 Etait-il Une Fois ? Literature de jeunesse : panorama de la critique (France-Canada)

Ref. PS 374 to PS 490  American Writers for Children (4 volumes)

Ref. PS 374 C454 H45  Dictionary of American Children's Fiction: Books of Recognized Merit (3 volumes)

Ref. PR 9523 L44 1993  Oxford Companion to Australian Children's Literature


Ref. PN 451 Y4   Yesterday’s Authors of Books for Children …. From Early Times to 1960. (2 volumes)


Ref. PN 1009 A1 S7 1999 St. James Guide to Children’s Literature


Ref. PN 1009 A1 W73 1988   Writers for Children


Ref. Z 1037 C5424 1995 Children’s Books and Their Creators


Ref. Z 1037 R63 1992  Black Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Books



Ref. Z 1037 R23 1992  Sensitive Issues : An Annotated Guide to Children’s Literature K-6


Ref. Z 1037 W67  1978  Survival Themes in Fiction for Children and Young



Ref. PN 56 O4 M34 1991  Old Age in Myth and Symbol : A Cultural Dictionary


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