Children's Literature

Resources of interest to students researching themes, genres and authors of books written for children.

Fairy Tales

Ref. GR 549 B74 1976b An Encyclopedia of Fairies, Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures

Ref. PN 3437 O94 2000  Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

Ref. Z 5983 F17 E2 1926  Index to Fairy Tales (with 6 Supplements) 1926-1992



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Ref. GR 650 M36 2000  A Dictionary of Imaginary Places

 Ref. PR 6039 O32 Z664 2007   J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment 

Folklore and Fables

Ref. GR 35 F63 1997  Folklore : An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music and Art


Ref. GR 141 S55 2000  A Dictionary of English Folklore


Ref. Z 5983 L6 S5  1981  Folk Literature and Children : An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Materials


Ref. PN 980 S66 1998  Encyclopedia of Fable


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Ref. BL 860 L56 2001  Handbook of Norse Mythology

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 Ref. BL 715 G68  Who's Who in World Mythology

Ref. GR 498 A52  Nectar and Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food in World Mythology

Picture Books and Illustrators

The Art of Children's Picture Books: A Selective Reference Guide   Ref. Z 1037.1 M37 1988

The Storymakers: Illustrating Children's Books. 72 Authors and Illustrators Talk About Their Work Ref. NC 975.6 S76 1999

Illustrators of Children's Books 1744 to 1976 (4 volumes)  Ref. NC 965 I44 to Ref. NC 965 V5

100 Most Popular Picture Book Authors and Illustrators: Biographies, Sketches and Bibliographies  Ref. PS 490 M395 2000

UXL Graphic Novelists  Ref. NC 1305 P46 2007

Young Adult

Ref. PS 490 S7 1999  St James Guide to Young Adult Writers

Ref. PS 153 N5 K88  1996  Young Adult Fiction by African American Writers 1968-1993 : A Critical Annotated Guide

 Ref. PN 1008.3 C67 Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature

Nursery Rhymes

Ref. PN 6110 C4 O6 1997  Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes

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