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Undergraduate Students Library Services

Print Credits and Printing Costs

Prepay for Printing

To print in the labs, you must prepay for Print Credits. You can purchase print credits:

  1. Online with a credit card using Pcounter Everyone Print.
  2. At the Library Circulation Desk.
  3. IT&S Help Desk.

Print credits can be used in any of the general use student labs.

Print Credit Limits

  • Minimum Cash Purchase Amount is $2.00
  • Minimum Debit or Credit Purchase Amount is $5.00
  • Minimum Online Credit Card Purchase Amount is $10.00
  • A 10% bonus of print credits will be added to any print credit purchase of $20 or more.


Print Credits are not refundable. Unused print credits can only be transferred to another student upon your graduation.

Printing Charges

Black & White, Letter size (8 ½ x 11) $0.10 per side
Black & White, Legal size (8 ½ x 14) $0.20 per side
Colour, Letter size (8 ½ x 11) $0.50 per side
Colour, Legal size (8 ½ x 14) $0.60 per side

The printers in the library default to double-sided printing; please check your settings before you print.

Colour printing is available at the Print Hub in the Library Commons. 

Printing on campus

For instructions on how to print on campus using one of the library's computers, visit: How to print on campus

Computers are available for general use are located in the Library Commons and Computer Lab 139 (on the first floor of EMF).

The printers available at the Library Print Hub are:

  • InfoComm 1 - Black & White
  • InfoComm 2 - Black & White
  • InfoComm 2 - Colour

ONLY InfoComm 2 prints in colour, but you must select 'colour' in the settings.

All printers default to double-sided printing. Always check your settings before you print

If you have any questions or difficulties while printing, Library staff are happy to assist.

Can I print from my own device?

You can send print jobs from your personal device (laptop, tablet, etc.) using PCounter EveryOne Print.

To print from your own device:

1. In your web browser, go to

2. Enter your Moodle username (first initial last name, i.e., esmith) and password.



3. Using the Choose File button, select the file on your device that you want to print. Then, click the Next button located below and to the right of the Choose File button.



4. Your print job will appear with the date and time, the filename, and the amount of pages required to print. Using the drop down menu, select a printer from beneath the Student_Print heading. Printers available within the library include Library EMF 139, Library1 - Info Commons, and Library2 - Info Commons.

Please note that only Library2 (aka InfoComm2) - Colour is available for colour printing.

If you select the wrong document, or decide you don't want to print that document, you may select the Delete option on the far right of the document filename.



5.  For additional print options, click the checkbox to the right of the dropdown menu labelled Advanced. Here you can change the number of copies, select a range of pages to print, choose double-sided vs. single-sided printing, etc.



When all the settings are correct, click the green Print button.

6. After you click the Print button, the job will be sent to the printer. A pop-up window will appear to show you if you have sufficient Print Credits to print your document. You must accept the charges. 

If you do not have enough Print Credits, you may purchase them online, or visit the Library Desk to purchase more credits for your account.


Scan to Email

You can scan to email for free from the printers in the Library Commons.

To scan to email:

1. Place your document face down on the glass of the printer

2. On the screen, press the button Fax/Scan.


3. Press the Direct Input tab to the left of the screen, then the Email button.



4. Type your email address into the text field (press shift to find the @ symbol, then press it again to return to the keyboard). You do not have to use your Mount email.



5. Once you have entered your email, touch the OK button on the bottom right of the screen 



6. Press the Start button on the printer to scan the document. Each document you scan will be compiled into a single PDF.



7. When you have scanned all your documents, press Finish, then press the start button again to send the email. The scans will not send if this is not done.