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Help with Library Research

Finding Books and Ebooks

This tutorial will explain how to: 

  • Search for books and ebooks using Novanet
  • Understand and locate your search results
  • Request books from other university libraries, or request chapters from other university libraries through Document Delivery
  • Access Mount Library ebooks


How to search for books and Ebooks using Novanet

1. The navigation bar is located at the top of all MSVU web pages. Click the link in this bar labelled ‘Library’ to access the Library's main webpage.


2. The search field is located in the middle of the Library main page, beneath the text ‘MSVU & Novanet Libraries’.
Using this search field, you can search for a specific title like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird , or a topic such as ‘Adult Learning Strategies’. Type your search terms into the search field, then click the 'search' button to the right of the field.

Library search box


3. Your search results will be a mix of articles, books, videos, and so on. 

On the left side of the page is a column with the heading ‘Refine your results.’ This provides options for sorting and filtering your results. In the ‘Refine your results' column, under the 'Resource Type' option/heading, select ‘Books’.

Refine Search Filters


4. Your results will now show only a mix of print books and ebooks available through Novanet Libraries (including the MSVU Library). 
Clicking on a book’s title will show you its details, including its location and availability. ""

5. Under the details heading will be several categories, including Title, Author, Subjects, Description, etc. In particular, looking at a book’s subject terms and description, if available, can tell you if the book is relevant to your topic.



Finding and Requesting Print Books and Chapters

If the item you are looking for is a print book, its call number, location, and availability will be shown beneath the title in the list of search results. The call number is the location of the book on the library shelves.

If the book is not available from the Mount library, you may request it from any other Novanet Library that has it. Please see the Placing a Hold Request section of this guide for instructions on how to request a book from another library. The form includes an option to request a copy of a chapter or range of pages rather than the full book.

Accessing ebooks

How to access MSVU Library ebooks

1.    If the book is available as an ebook, there will be an ‘Available Online’ link located at the bottom of the individual item box in the list of search results. 

The link labeled Available Online indicates an ebook

2.    Clicking on the ‘Available Online’ link will open the item details. Under the heading ‘View Online’ you should find links to the ebook, if available. 
We do not have access to ebooks that specifically belong to other universities. 

View Online links


3. A log-in screen will come up automatically when you click on the applicable link to access the ebook. This is the same as your login for myMount/Moodle. 

MSVU Library Login


If you need assistance, please contact the MSVU Library at

4.    The library purchases ebooks from several vendors, so there may be a variation in the appearance and layout of the platforms used for accessing ebooks. However, all of our ebooks can be read online in your browser and include tools to allow you to make notes or search for terms within the full text of the book.

If you have any questions about accessing, reading or using the online tools with ebooks, please ask at the Library Desk or email


Search Results: Viewing only ebooks

1.    If you want to view only ebooks, you can adjust your search preferences in the column to the left of Novanet’s search results page. 

2.  Using the checkboxes under 'Refine your results':

Under the Availability heading select ‘Available online.’
Under the Resource Type heading select ‘Books'.

Then click the ‘Apply filters’ at the bottom of the column. 

Search Filters