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Help with Library Research

Searching for scholarly journals, trade publications, and magazines titles

This will search for a journal, magazine or trade journal title. If you are searching for articles, please see Finding Journal Articles.


Below the Novanet Search box, click on the icon labeled Journal Titles

Journal Titles Icon

The Journal, Trade Publication, and Magazine Search will open.

You may search by Title or by ISSN.

Journal Search

Search results

All search results will include the notation JOURNAL, even if it is a magazine or a trade journal.

Scholarly journals are noted by the PEER REVIEW ICON PEER REVIEW ICON

Entries without the peer review icon are popular magazines or trade publications.

scholarly journal

trade publication

popular magazine

Click on the title for more information including the links to the full text of volumes and issues in the scholarly journal, magazines or trade publications.

Accessing issues and articles in the publication

The MSVU Library subscribes to scholarly journals, trade publications and magazines from a variety of publishers and databases.

There may be more than one option for access for your chosen title. All available options are listed on the journal details page in the View Online section

The different databases and publishers may provide access to different time periods. Always consult the "Available from" dates to ensure access to the date range you are seeking.

Click on the publisher or database that includes the dates you need. 


Search Inside feature

Using the Search Inside feature, you may search for an article title or keywords within the scholarly journal, trade publication or magazine.

The results of your search will be limited to the contents of the journal for the dates subscribed to by the MSVU Library.

Search Inside Option

Browsing the contents of a publication

If you wish to browse the publication rather than use the 'Search Inside' feature, click on the publisher or database name to be taken to the scholarly journal, trade publication, or magazine.

Different publications will feature different search and browse options. Most will include a list of articles arranged by year, volume, and issue. There is usually a search feature but please check that you are searching your chosen journal rather than a larger collection. Below is an example of the landing page of a journal provided by an EBSCO. Note the years and volumes to the right. The search within the publication is available via a link in the upper left of the screen

Journal landing page