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Help with Library Research

Requesting an Article through Document Delivery

Not every article is available online, and the MSVU Library doesn't always have access to the full text of an online article. 

Most databases will have a link called 'Check for Full Text'.

If the article you're looking at isn’t available online, you may want to consider using another article for your assignment.

Or, you can try to request the article to be delivered to you from another university for free by email via Document Delivery. You may be prompted to sign in to request the item. This is a free service.


No full text available. Please request item from another library


Your Novanet login is the same as your MSVU email login. If you have difficulty logging in please contact the library at 

Novanet Login Screen


Once you are logged in, you will see the Resource Sharing link below the How to Get It heading.

The Resource Sharing link is located below the How to Get It heading

Click on the Resource Sharing link to show the request form. 

The form should automatically fill with the necessary information to request the article.

Request form

Click on the Send Request button at bottom of the form to complete your request.

Send Request button

It may take a few days for the article to be sent, so it’s always a good idea to start your research early!