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Help with Library Research

How to Place a Request for a Book or Chapter in Novanet

Sometimes the book you are looking for may not be available at the Mount Library, but another library in the Novanet system might have it. When this happens, you can 'Request' to have the book or a chapter in the book sent to you.


To place a hold request, start by searching for the book using the Novanet Discovery search field on the library page. You may search by subject, keyword, author, or title.

Library search box


Once the search results page loads, sign in to your Account either with the Sign In button in the top right of the page, or the Sign In Button on the ribbon beneath the search field. You must be signed in to your account to place a hold.



If you are currently a student, staff or faculty member at MSVU, please enter your MSVU credentials. If you are MSVU alumni or a community borrower, please choose 'Other User' and sign in with the credentials provided by the MSVU Library. If you are unable to sign in, please contact the Library Desk at 902-457-6520 or

Library sign-in screen


You may place a hold on a print book from the MSVU Library, or from any Novanet Library. If the book is out on loan, or if it is available at another library, you see labels like, 'Check for available services', or 'Not Available'. Click on the link to order the item.


The link will take you to the 'Get It' section of the book's details page. You can see every school that has a copy of the book, and which copies are available.
Directly beneath the 'Get It' header, you will find a link labelled 'Resource Sharing'.

Resource Sharing link


The Resource Sharing Request form will open. Under ' Preferred Pickup Location', you can use the drop-down menu to select the Novanet Library where you would like to pick up your book. The form will autofill with your home institution so Mount Saint Vincent University will show by default, but can be changed.

The form includes an option to request a copy of a chapter or range of pages rather than the full book.


Request form


The page should display an 'Action Succeeded' banner, and you will receive an email to your MSVU account confirming your request. A second email will inform you when your Hold is ready for pick up, which may take 3-5 days depending on location.


Successful request message


If you would like to see what Requests you currently have, click on your name at the top right of the Novanet Search Results page and select the third menu option, 'My Requests'.


My Requests option


Here you can see the details of any Requests you currently have in progress or that are ready for pick up, and the location at which you will claim them. If you decide you no longer need a particular item, there is a 'Cancel' button located to the right of the item's pick-up location. Click this button and select 'Cancel' to confirm you no longer wish to request the item.