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Help with Library Research

The Check Full Text @ MSVU link does not appear.

If there are no 'Check Full Text @ MSVU' links showing adjacent to any of your results, you may need to turn on the Library Links option. Please see our Using Google Scholar help page for instructions on how to add the 'Check Full Text @ MSVU' links to your Google Scholar results.

If the ‘Check Full Text @ MSVU’ link appears next to other items on Google Scholar, but not on the article that you need in full text, there are  3 options available to check availability of the article at the Mount Library.

The ‘Check Full Text @ MSVU’ link appears only when the item in the result list has a full citation. The most common missing citation element is the volume and/or issue number.

Option 1 - Look at a different version of the item

  • Check under the item description snippet for the ‘All … versions’ link. It is most often the 3rd link in the list that begins with ‘Cited by

image showing the All versions link on the Google Scholar page.

  • There may be other versions of this item that contain all the necessary bibliographic information to trigger the ‘Check Full Text @ MSVU’ link

Image showing multiple versions fo the item, some with the Check Full Text @ MSVU link

Option 2 - Check the 'No Full Text Available' link

  • Check under the item description snippet for the ‘More’ link. It is most often the last link in the list that begins with ‘Cited by'
  • When you click on the More link, the ‘No full text available’ link appears.

Image showing the More link on the Google Search page which, when clicked, reveals the No Full Text Available link

  • Clicking on this link opens the Mount Library’s 'Check for Full Text' screen. This will either provide you with some options for full text at the Mount Library, or if we do not carry that journal, you will be able to request the item by document delivery.

Image showing the Mount Library's Check for Full Text screen

Some of our providers of full text articles are more forgiving than others in allowing full text linking without the full citation. EBSCOhost is notorious for showing errors unless all the information is available.  Most of the other providers are able to connect with the full text. If the full text article is available only from an EBSCOhost database, please visit the Mount Library website and search for the article directly in the appropriate EBSCO database.

Option 3 - Find full text articles from citations

You can also use the citation information you have about the article to find full text using the Mount Library's resources. Paste the article title into the Novanet Discovery search box on the Library's home page.