Help with Library Research

Connecting to Mount Library full text journal articles from Google Scholar

Articles that require a subscription often appear in the Google Scholar results list. To see which of these are available from the Mount Library you must activate the Check Full Text @ MSVU link.

Note: If you have already activated the Check Full Text @ MSVU link but it does not appear next to some items, please view the help page on Troubleshooting Tips: Google Scholar

  • Click on Settings in the menu options at the top of the Google Scholar screen.

Note: Depending on your browser, and whether you are on the home page or the search results page, the location of the icons may be in a different location than shown here.

A grey arrow labeled "click on the menu icon" and pointing to the menu icon at the top left of the page

Grey arrow labelled "click on the setting icon", pointing to a gear icon to the right of the words "Google Scholar"

List of tabs with Settings tab at the bottom, beneath "Advanced Search" tab.

The Scholar Settings page appears.

  • Click on Library links in the upper left side of the page. On some screens, this may appear at the top of the page.


A blue circle is drawn around the Library Links tab in Google Scholar settings.

The Library Links page appears.

  • Search for MSVU.
  • Select the box for Mount St Vincent University - Check Full Text @ MSVU
  • Click on Save

Search for and select MSVU in the Google Scholar Library Links setting page

Return to your search results

The Check Full Text @ MSVU link connects to the MSVU Library to see if the article is available. We do not always have the item, but if we do the following steps will lead you to the article.

Image showing the Check Full Text @ MSVU link on the right side of the Google Scholar results page

  • Click on Check Full Text @ MSVU

The Mount Library's Check Full Text screen appears

  • Click on Full Text available via ...
  • You may be prompted to login to the Mount Library.

Image showing the full text options for the article

  • You will likely need to click on additional links to be taken to the full-text article. Depending on the journal, the link may be located in different places on the page. Look for the phrase 'Full Text' or an icon for PDF. 

If you have difficulty accessing the article please contact for assistance

Look for the link to the article PDF.

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