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Graduate Students Guide

This guide is intended to help graduate students at MSVU make the most of the library.

Keys To Good Research

Good research is well-planned research. Here are some tips for helping you get started. 

  1. Explore the research guide in your subject area
  2. Citation, citation, citation! Take advantage of the MSVU Library citation and citation manager sections of this guide. 
  3. Talk to a librarian! Librarians are here to answer any questions you might have about research. The MSVU Librarians are listed below.

Research Databases & Journals

Please use the subject filter on the A-Z Research Databases & Websites listings to find research databases in your areas of interest.

If you are looking for a specific journal title please consult the MSVU Journals A-Z.

Librarians & Archivist

Book an appointment to meet with one of the MSVU Librarians

Librarian Lindsey MacCallum 115px

Lindsey MacCallum:

  • Humanities -- English, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Scholarly Publishing Librarian

Lindsey may be reached at 902-457-6402 or

Stan Orlov

Stan Orlov:

  • Business Studies -- Business Administration, Information Technology, Public Relations, Tourism & Hospitality, Communication Studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Systems Librarian

Stan may be reached at 902-457-6212 or

Librarian Meg Raven

Meg Raven:  

  • Sciences -- Applied Human Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, Mathematics & Computer Studies, Psychology, Statistics
  • Collections Librarian

Meg may be reached at 902-457-6403 or

Denyse Rodrigues

Denyse Rodrigues:

  • Social Sciences -- Canadian Studies, Economics, Family Studies & Gerontology, Political Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Women's Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Public Policy Studies
  • E-Learning & Library Research Services Librarian

Denyse may be reached at

Alina Ruiz

Alina Ruiz

  • MSVU Archivist

Alina may be reached at


Sandra Sawchuk:

  • Educational Studies -- Education, Child & Youth Study
  • Data Services
  • User Experience and Engagement Librarian

Sandra may be reached at 902-457-6526 or